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IP Camera Wifi Security Surveillance Camera H

IP Camera Wifi Security Surveillance Camera H

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Sensor Size

Camera Only: Camera only, memory card not included
★32GB: only memory card, no camera
The camera does not support 5G network

Product details

video format: AVI video

resolution: 1080P

camera distance: 6 meters

straight battery working time: 1 hour

recording range: 5 square meters

Support system: Android / IOS

power consumption: 240MA / 3.7V

playback software: VLCP layer / SMP layer

interface: Micro USB

charging voltage: DC-5V

Correct operation:

1)Fully charged (mobile phone and wifi camera);

2)Use the mobile phone to download the app (in the manual);

3)Reset the router, reconnect to the network, at Settings - Wireless Band,

select to only work in the 2.4GHz band, and make the WiFi setup successful;

4)Insert the extra purchased memory card on the wifi camera;

5)Follow the instruction manual.

Use the mobile phone to connect the camera's intranet (new) first,

then connect the camera to the router's 2.4GHz WiFi, and prompt success

(video learning is required, please contact customer service in the station letter);

6)If the operation is not successful, please reset the camera and repeat the above steps;

7)Bad reviews and disputes are prohibited. If you have any questions,

please contact customer service in the first time.


1 * camera

1 * bracket

1*usb cable

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