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Massageador térmico de joelho pressão de ar elétrico, aquecimento infravermelho

Massageador térmico de joelho pressão de ar elétrico, aquecimento infravermelho

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Type A-LCD Touch Screen


1.The massager has fully enveloping airbags (inner side and straps) to squeeze, cyclically inflate and deflate, allowing knees to enjoy air pressure relaxing massage;

2.There are built-in 20 pieces red light physiotherapy lamp beads, specific wavelength far red inner and outer bands penetrate into the knee, to relieve knee fatigue and discomfort;

3.Through vibration, the device can repair and massage the muscles of the knee area to relieve the pressure and let it fully relax;

4.Three heating modes: low range: 45℃±3℃ (relieving knee tingling), medium range: 50℃±3℃ (releasing knee tingling), high grade: 55 ℃±3℃(Relieve walking pain).

5.Intelligent timing design: you are free to choose 15 minutes/20 minutes/25 minutes/30 minutes.

6.One-key start, large screen display, wireless use, simple touch interface, can also be used by the elderly;

7.It is USB chargeable, with a built-in 2000mah lithium battery, it usually gets fully charged in two hours (related to the power of the charging plug), the normal use time is five to six hours (different depending on the use mode).


Material: ABS
Color: black+white
Size: 20.5*15.5*17.5cm
Rated power: 5W
Rated voltage: DC 5V
Timing set: 15/20/25/30 minutes
Heating temp: low 45℃±3℃, medium 50℃±3℃, high 55℃±3℃
Battery: 2000mAh

Packing list:

1* Unit
1* USB Type-C Charger Cord
1* User Manual

Type B-Key-press Screen


1.Multifunctional knee massager, vibration massage + air bag extrusion + hot compress + red light therapy, multi-faceted care for your knee health.
2.Built-in 20 infrared physiotherapy lamps, combined with infrared physiotherapy and hot compress, with three adjustable temperature levels (40/45/50°C), deeply nourishing the knees and effectively removing joint dampness.
3.The airbag 4D comprehensive wrapping design simulates the masseur's massage technique and deeply massages the acupoints, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable massage experience.
4.This knee massager can be used to relieve knee pain and discomfort, improve rheumatoid arthritis, knee effusion, edema and other problems. It is the most thoughtful gift for the elderly and parents.
5.Our massager can be used not only for knees but also for elbows and shoulders to help you take care of your joint health.

Use Guide:

1.Tie the product tightly to the knee with a fixing belt. In order to achieve the best effect, please stick it close to the knee as much as possible.
2.Press and hold the "on /off" key to start the product. After the product is turned on, it defaults to low-grade temperature,low-grade kneading pressure, vibration, red light and physiotherapy.
3.Vibration key: green light 1, blue light 2 and red light 3
Heating key: 40° for the first gear of green light, 45° for the second gear of blue light and 50° for the third gear of red light.
Pressure key: green light 1,blue light 2, red light 3
Red light key:red light physiotherapy
Time key: "tick" for 15 minutes, and "tick" for 30 minutes
On key: long press to open and long press to close.
4.The continuous use time of each time shall not exceed 30 minutes.


Material: ABS
Battery capacity: 2600mAh
Charging voltage: 5V/2A
Power: 10W
Charging time: about 4-5 hours
Battery life: 7-15 days
Product size: 28*13*20cm
Net weight: 0.78kg
Package size: 29*17*22cm

Packing List:

1* Host
1* TYPE-C Charging Cable
1* English User Manual
1* English Packing Box

Type C-NO Airbag Pressure


1.Multifunctional heating massage knee pads, vibration massage + moxibustion hot compress + infrared therapy, gently care for your knee joint health.
2.360° all-round wrap around the knee, covering and massaging more acupoints, effectively releasing the pressure on the knee.
3.High frequency vibration massage . Simulate the real massage technique, the massage effect is better, and the use feeling is more comfortable.
4.Constant temperature mugwort hot compress (45°C/55°C/65°C), 3 temperature adjustment, take care of your knee joint with the most suitable temperature for you, relieve knee pain and discomfort.


1. Before the first use, please fully charge the product (charge for about 2-3 hours).
2. It is recommended not to completely drain the battery before charging.
3. When the power indicator flashes, please charge in time.


Input voltage: 5VDC/2A(USB)
Rated voltage: 5V
Power: 10W
Working voltage: 3.7V
Lithium battery: 3600mAh
Far-infrared lamp beads: 16
Packing size: 27.6*11*19.5cm
Band size: 30cm*12cm*14cm
Body length: 24cm

Packing List:

1* host
1* Wormwood bag
1* Electrode wire
1 pair* patches
1* TYPE-C Charging Cable
1* English User Manual
1* Packing Box

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